Spring impressions

Sometimes you take so called average photos and can not even imagine what will happen with them later… Those changed itself and I must say I like them. I think that can use them as reference photos to a new painting.



Watercolor Sketch

Watercolor, sketch for a bigger painting, but it looks quite good enough to me🙂, it is the next standing in line as I am painting a few paintings at one moment.

Akwarela, szkic do obrazu, ale wygląda całkiem nieźle, jest następny w kolejce, jako, że maluję kilka obrazów naraz.kwiaty-i-gruszki

New floral watercolor in progress

I quit the job in a primary school to be a full time artist. It is not easy but it is a need. I could not paint because I was too tired of work and because of that was totaly frustrated. The fact is that I graduated of the Fine Art Acedemy so I am the painter and this is what I not only should do but all those years of learning and money that I spent can not be waste. So wish me luck on my new way of life!


I am coming back permamently

After a long time of absence when many milestone things happend in my life I have decided permamently refresh this blog and come back to writing about art (especially mine as I am a visual artist) but also I am an enthusiast of Polish history so sometimes I will tell you some interesting stories about it.

What interesting has happend recently?

I have started a new drawing project inspired Zentangle art. I like it very much because it has helped me to bit my artistic block.

Below you can see work in progress.